Halvorson Recreation Center - Redmond, WA

Campus Master Plan & Recreation Center - 44,000 SF

The first of five buildings to be executed under the master plan, the Randy & Rod Halvorson Re-Creation Center is a sensible response to a diverse program in much the same manner as a traditional barn; using the sloping grade to optimize egress for the uses at different levels, and sheltering the whole under simple forms.

The building houses many programs including; administration, assembly, fellowship library, food service, gymnasium/worship space, as well as an indoor pool. Our conceptual design recognized the benefits of organizing circulation in a two-story atrium “indoor street”, harkening back to church nave origins, while providing natural light, passive cooling, and opportunities for chance meetings with congregants. The sanctuary is designed to accommodate three use modes: worship hall, sports/play court, and professional-grade theater; through automated roll-out seating, flexible lighting, and custom sound reinforcement.