Waterford Condominiums - Des Moines, WA

14 Luxury condominium flats & town homes. Average living area is 1,700 SF with 2-stall parking

The owner’s intent to develop a prominent location immediately above the Des Moines Marina had two significant obstacles: a landslide-prone embankment on which construction was largely prohibited by the city, and site access from the east and mid-level of a likely building. The solution proposed a stout concrete and steel structure that would stabilize the bank and span the worst of the soils to create a covered garden terrace, turning a liability into an opportunity. Continuing this theme, the design team proposed building stacked-flat units above an enclosed parking level, under which spacious town homes would be built.  The town homes came out of the design process to give the project a unique market offering with private garden spaces and direct access to the marina.  The design draws upon bridge structural principals and maritime aesthetic cues, while addressing waterfront weather exposure with high-rise cladding and glazing technologies.

Scott Becker, project designer/architect, with Baylis Architects