Newcastle, WA

Despite the plethora of mostly mundane townhouse developments in the Seattle area, the region has but few examples of the rowhouse developments ranging in quality and price that make up the large part of urban housing in major cities throughout the eastern US. Our proposal for a medium density development targeting a range of income levels on a sloping site near the downtown of suburban Newcastle, utilizes a combination of gracious rowhouse units staggered to the street and gradually stepping up the slope, with three buildings made up of flats-over-townhouses closer to the site entrance and overlooking the arterial to the west and buffered stream to the south. Tamarind Homes achieved a higher density than any other planning option considered, and did so with considerably less building mass. The flexible rowhouse and townhouse prototypes also allowed us to create buildings in various configurations of attached units to accommodate difficult grade changes and the organic form of the stream bed. The architecture explores the pattern effects of the rowhouse street wall, and makes a decidedly urban statement in color and form with standard materials.

Scott Becker, project designer/ architect, with Baylis Architects